Who's on your OwnFone?


OwnFone is the little personalised phone that connects you directly to the most important people in your life - that's it! Just press the name of the person you want to talk to.




A little phone with a lot to offer


OwnFone is the world's first personalised mobile phone but that's not all! OwnFone has a bunch of innovative features that make it easy to carry and safe for anyone to use.


Small and light

OwnFone is credit card sized and only weighs 40g



You design your OwnFone and we build it for you

Ready to use

OwnFone is ready‐to‐use straight out of the box


Easy to use

To make a call just press a name or photo button


Safe and secure

OwnFone only calls the people you choose


Long battery life

OwnFone will last up to a year in standby mode